Norwegian Satellite Earth Observation Database for Marine and Polar Research

The NORwegian Satellite Earth Observation Database for MArine and Polar Research is a 6 year project. It is funded by the Norwegian Research Council (NRC) under the Infrastructure programme (read NRC article about NORMAP).
The NORMAP project started 1 September 2010 and aims at securing sustainability beyond the 6 year period funded by NRC.

The main focus
To facilitate easy access to the remote sensing products for scientists.

Area of interest
NORMAP provides access only to remote sensing data taken over the Arctic (north of 55N).

Useful information

  • Tutorial
    Read how to search, visualize and download NORMAP data
  • Data portal 
    Search and download NORMAP data
  • Documentation
    Read documentation for some NORMAP data products
  • Tools
    Get software for NORMAP data analysis
  • About
    Read about the NORMAP project